Dog Walking

Dogs live their lives on their feet. They naturally run in packs, investigating the world through their noses in constant pursuit of satisfaction for their bellies.  We love our pet dogs and can easily give them enough food, but do we have enough time to replicate the foot pounding they do in the wild? Probably not. 


That's where Look Who's Walking step in. 


We believe that dogs should be allowed to be dogs and have designed our dog walking service to reflect that.  Your dog will be walked with a pack of other dogs, (unless specified otherwise) free to roam, to socialise and above all free to play! Our dog walkers ensure that the hour or two spent with Look Who's Walking is the most fun your dog will have all day.


Walks can be taken daily, weekly or just from time to time, as often as required. We can customise a plan to suit you and your dog, whether that means one-on-one walking, same house walks or pack walks. Your dogs will be picked up and dropped of in our special Look Who's Walking van.