Cat Feeding 

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Cats love their home, their territory, and their manor.  All of our cats have their favourite places in our home.  You can almost sense their blood pressure drop as they sink into the corner of the sofa or lounge over the hot pipe under the wooden floorboard.  This is why they don't like catteries, they don't like change – your holiday is not a holiday for them if they are boxed and shipped away. 


We can offer a way around this: you can go on your well-deserved break and arrange for Look Who's Walking to visit your home on a daily basis to keep a close eye on your loved one(s).  During each visit, we will make a fuss of your cats, feed them, put down fresh water and clear the litter tray, leaving your cats to enjoy their favourite sunny windowsill while you do something similar, without having to worry about them.


We will meet with you and your cat(s) before you leave for your holiday to collect your keys and understand their usual routine, their diet, behaviour, favourite toys and any medication they need to take. At this stage, please let us know if there are any other duties you would like us to perform, such as collecting mail, watering plants or feeding fish. Please ensure that you provide all of your pet's normal food and medications so that he/she has as many home comforts as possible while you are away.



Small Furries Feeding 

When you are away on holiday, you want piece of mind that your smallest of furries will be well looked after.  That is where Look Who’s Walking can help.  Each day their cage will be freshened-up and they will be fed and handled.


We will meet you and your small furry(ies) before your holiday date to establish their usual routine, such as food types, exercise, treats and required medication.


Please note that all cages, bedding, and medication must be provided by you.