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Dogs for Adoption

Africa and Asia's Story:

"This is Asia and Africa, they were rescued after a tip off at 1am. We drove for two hours and searched the forest for them. When we found the spot we were reduced to tears. The forest was surrounded by brothels. The spot they were found was scattered with carcasses of animals long dead. Some, including their mother, had their legs tied up. We will never forget that night. The smell, the thoughts of what was happening there and the four pups terrified, living in an armchair. They all had extremely swollen tummies from worms, fleas jumping off them, ticks bigger than them sucking the life out. They were terrified, timid, worn out, hungry... But i am sure glad they had food and warmth at last. Two of the litter were homed very quickly but the weakest and the most reserved pups, Asia and Africa, have not had any interest for the past 6 months. AFRICA: He was the smallest, scared witless, always hiding behind Asia. We had to do a lot of work to teach him. For 4 months he made no progress. He didn't play, he didn't leave Asia's side, but one day when we woke up, he changed! He wanted to be a typical male, little boy... He is naughty...he always maks us laugh...he has so much love and so many kisses to give but most importantly, he is clever. You really can't get enough of his adorable face. ASIA: She is our brave, Egyptian princess. She is so quiet, so reserved, so independent, but when her brother needs her, she is the stone warrior sitting in front as he hides behind. In 6 months, we have only heard her bark once. She is an observer. Her soul seems so wise for her young age. Everyone is amazed by what a good girl she is. She doesn't do confrontations. She doesn't need constant attention. She likes to juts sit on a sofa and watch the world go by.

Both these pups have had a horrid start. It is now their time to find a home together. They are both neutered and fully vaccinated. Regular spot on and worming tabs applied. Please help them find that special forever family."

Thank You Halle

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