​Treatments and Extras

There are some duties in pet care that are easily forgotten, some difficult, some are stressful and others a wrestle, fight and all of the above. Look Who's Walking can help you with just about anything regarding your pet. The most common things we are asked to do are:


1) Nail Clipping: knowing that it's oh so easy to trim too deep Look Who's Walking can clip your pets' claws for you, saving you from stress and/or scratches! 


2) Bathing: Look Who's Walking stock a variety of animal shampoos from sweet smells to medicated washes. If you would like your pet to be bathed on your behalf we will come to your home and give him/her a deep clean.


3) Administration of medications: some animals just won't allow you to administer those ear drops or give them that pill, Look Who's Walking's staff of veterinary nurses, animal care assistants or experienced pet owners come to your home in order to help out. Your can rest assured that your pet will receive his/her important treatments and also he/she will not fear you or run for cover when you open the 'medicine cupboard'.


4) Expressing anal glands: dogs are prone to anal gland impactions, if your dog needs help in this area we can express his/her glands (it is time to express the glands when your dog scoots/rubs his bottom on the floor).



Parasite prevention plans:
To make sure your pet stays protected day-in and day-out, Look Who's Walking would like to enrol your pet in their Parasite Prevention Plan. Look Who's Walking will keep a medical diary for your pet, administering each treatment when it is due and lifting another worry about your pet's health care. 


It is very important to prevent you pets falling ill with parasitic disease. Our risk of worms attacking our insides or creepy crawlies living in out skin is quite low, we lead hygienic lifestyles. Dogs and cats, however, get out there at ground level, they investigate the world with the mouth and nose, sometimes putting quite vile things near or in them. Dogs and cats are at risk of parasitic disease and it's our job as pet owners to keep help keep them clear of these problems.

Cats: We recommend that any cat that goes outdoors, or associates with dogs/cats or other animals that go outdoors, receives monthly flea treatment with any of these products: Advantage, Advocate, Frontline, Frontline Duo or Promeris. Your cat will also need regular de-worming, every 3-6 months depending on which flea control your cat receives.

Dogs: For dogs it is a little more complicated. All dogs should receive monthly flea, mite and lice prevention (ectoparasiticide) and also protection against worm infestation (endoparasiticide). The easiest way to achieve this is to use Advocate ‘spot on’ once a month, as this is the combined ecto and endoparasiticide with the broadest spectrum. We advise giving your dog a de-worming pill containing Praziquantel only once every 6 months if you use Advocate every month. Please note that there are various other combinations of treatment that are effective and so it is sensible to obtain veterinary advice on the parasite threat in your area.

We would be happy to give advice on a suitable anti-parasite regime based on your pet's lifestyle.


If there is a service you need that is not listed please get in contact and we will do our utmost to facilitate you needs.